We think of the future

LNG is the only clean technology that exists at present which allows for long-distance transport. In the context of the current energy transition sought by the European Commission and expectations of the society, it represents an excellent option to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and helps to prevent global warming. Therefore you will have a positive contribution to the environment by working with us.

Main advantages of the LNG-powered vehicles

LNG: The fuel of the future

LNG is natural gas that has been cooled to about -160°C and liquefied to reduce its volume by 600 times, making it easier to increase energy density. Gas is odorless, colorless, non-toxic, and non-corrosive.

Initially, Natural Gas (as CNG) was used in urban transport, garbage trucks and other vehicles that travelled repeatedly over short distances. However, with the development of the technology and network of LNG stations, the use of this green fuel became more useful in international transport.

The growth of environmental consciousness in transport industry has made LNG vehicles more and more popular. Our goal is to have over 60% of the fleet powered by LNG within 2 years.
Scania LNG3

Ecology in every aspect

In addition to LNG vehicles in our fleet, we also focus on other aspects of our business. We use intelligent route planning to optimise fuel consumption and reduction of emissions. Traffic jams, mountain areas, accidents - we take into account everything that involves to plan the most optimal route.

The transport base

The environmental responsibility is not limited only to vehicles. Our transport base use heat pumps to obtain heat accumulated in the ground to heat up in winter or cooldown in summer time. This energy is clean and freely available. This means that heat pumps can significantly reduce the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere and reduce the cost of controlling the temperature in the building.


The vehicle uses a Scania OC13 engine powered by LNG. Scania is known for developing alternative fuel vehicles that can meet the challenges of today’s long-haul transport. It features an automated Scania Opticruise transmission with retarder. For the driver, this means a smooth and comfortable driving experience. In addition PIEK-certificated allows for night time distribution in certain cities.


  • Engine capacity 12,7 Litres
  • Horsepower 410 HP
  • Maximum torque 2000 Nm
  • Fuel Liquefield Natural Gas
  • Emission standard EURO 6


The Actros is a truck that has been designed and built for the long-distance transport. Moreover, the StreamSpace cab offers a high level of comfort for the driver. It is equipped with a modern engine that meets the strictest EURO6 emission standards. With more than 20 years of our experience and millions of kilometres driven, we value the Mercedes-Benz brand especially for its reliability.


  • Engine capacity 12,8 Litres
  • Horsepower 450 HP
  • Maximum torque 2200 Nm
  • Fuel Diesel
  • Emission standard EURO 6