Over 20 years of experience

Since 1996 we have gained a great amount of experience allowing us to efficiently transport the goods entrusted to us.

Transport base

We have a modern workshop with own car wash, where all our vehicles, especially semi-trailers are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before each route.


Carrier’s Liability Insurance in international transport up to 500 000 EUR gives a guarantee of safety of the transported goods.

The first in the region eco-friendly truck powered by LNG drives in Wojtex’s colours.

Since the very beginning, Wojtex has been consistently trying to minimize the negative impact on the natural environment in every area of its activity. Our fleet includes new vehicles that meet the strictest emission standards in Europe. The main goal is to move towards even more clean technology to remain one step ahead. In order to achieve this goal, we are rapidly introducing LNG-powered vehicles into our fleet. Already 20% of our fleet consists of LNG trucks and by the end of 2021 we aim to have over 60%.

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We specialize in temperature controlled haulage from Poland to Western Europe, especially to Spain and from Western Europe to Poland and Belarus. Do you have cargo that needs to be transported?

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Do you have available trucks, refrigerated semi-trailers, box trailers, tilt or taut-liners that you would like to use more?

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