Wojtex International Transport

is professional and dynamically developing transport company. We are on the market since 1996 offering our services in the field of international transport. Since the very beginning, Wojtex has been consistently trying to minimize the negative impact on the natural environment in every area of its activity.


We specialize in temperature controlled haulage from Poland to Western Europe, especially to Spain, between Western Europe countries and from Western Europe to Poland and Belarus.


Our fleet consists of 20 trucks and refrigerated semi-trailers equipped with a modern system of temperature control, all provided by leading manufacturers in their respective field. Thanks to the timely and reliable realization of the services ordered we have gained the trust of many significant Polish and European companies.


Employees of Wojtex are experts, ensuring professional execution of services entrusted to us, as well as providing comprehensive advice in the field of transport and logistics. We have an reliable team of drivers with many years of experience, as many of them have over than 1 000 000 kilometers driven through their career.


Wojtex is a proven and trusted carrier licensed to provide transport services and a holder of certificate of professional competence. We also value the ethical standards in the company, which are the basis of our business activity.

As our partner, you can be sure that the transport of cargo will be in accordance with HACCP, ethical and ecological standards set by the European Union.

As an international freight carrier, we are committed to the following principles:

  • Proactive involvement in environmental protection.
  • Safety of the cargo entrusted to us.
  • Regulations on working time of drivers.
  • Keeping trade secrets of our customers.
  • We can send our trucks anywhere in Europe, wherever our customer desires it.

We guarantee:

  • Continuous telematic monitoring of our fleet 24/7 (GPS and more).
  • Practical use of cutting-edge technologies to reduce air and noise pollution.
  • Continuous contact with our drivers through GSM.
  • Valid ATP-FRC certificate for every semi-trailer.
  • Multi-layered: procedural, physical and acoustical anti-theft system.

Only trusted brands

The field of refrigerated transport is very demanding and any failure could result in a loss of value or damage to the transported goods. In order to keep our customers satisfied, we are equipped with only best equipment on the market. Taking care of the environment, we maintain a new fleet, which is not older than 5 years.
  • For years we have relied exclusively on proven brands that have ensured our success.
  • This way we can comply with the EURO 6 standards and more.
  • Scania, Mercedes, Krone, Schmitz, Carrier, Thermo King are the brands that we trust.

We have a wide range of long-term customers to whom we offer the highest quality transport services. At the same time we are looking for new contractors, both those in need of transport services and subcontractors looking for cargo to be transported.

Are you a freight hauler? This offer is for you.
Do you have available trucks, refrigerated semi-trailers, box trailers, tilt or taut-liners that you would like to use more? We encourage you to become our partner in haulage. We offer cargo from Spain to Poland and Belarus and we have customers exporting goods from Poland to countries of western Europe.
We are inviting you to contact us to establish the most satisfactory conditions for both sides.